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For Children And Adults In Higher Education

This is a wonderful chance to enter an authentic Modern Buddhist Centre, to see qualified statues of Buddha, to ask questions, and to try simple breathing meditation. We strive to make the visit fun, enjoyable and lighthearted, with plenty of time for questions, whilst still meeting all of your educational requirements.

We also offer to visit your school or group. You can learn about many aspects of Buddhism and Buddhist practice, suitable for everyone irrespective of religious view or practice. Our teachers are familiar with the Key Stages of the Religious Education ‘Agreed Syllabus’ for the local Education Authorities and we can tailor your visit to your exact requirements. Our teachers are both male & female, lay (wearing regular clothes) and ordained (wearing traditional robes), exemplifying how Buddhist practice is about training our mind and improving our compassion and wisdom. You can ask us any questions you wish whilst you are here.

The lineage of the Kadampa tradition has been passed down from teacher to teacher from Buddha Shakyamuni to Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a fully accomplished meditation master and founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. Geshe Kelsang has written over 20 books on Buddhism including 4 recent books specially designed for children and established more than 1300 Buddhist temples and centres dedicated to world peace.

Examples of activities:-

  • Learn about the life of Buddha, what Buddhists practice, how to meditate and about what a Buddhist shrine means.
  • Explanation of the traditional robes and practices of a nun or monk
  • Simple learn to meditate sessions, suited to the age of the visitors. This can be a breathing meditation or a meditation on kindness and compassion for others. We will always confirm the content of the meditation with you beforehand. Occasionally students would prefer to not meditate; this is not a problem to accommodate as we have a separate lounge area.

Prices for you to come here to visit us at Uma KMC:-

Please enquire about the small charge we make for your students to visit us here or for us come to you.

Please contact us to further discuss your visit:

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Meditation in the Workplace

Our Meditation in the Workplace programme offers on-site meditation sessions designed to reduce stress and establish well-being in the work place.

With the fast pace of modern working life many of us can feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Studies show that stress can negatively affect our decision-making skills, creativity and our ability to work well with others.

Through talks and guided meditations, explore how a peaceful, positive mind helps us to meet the demands of today’s busy working life. Learn tried and tested methods to establish increased happiness, effectiveness and balance. Discover the power of Meditation and Mindfulness.


  • stress relief
  • better relationships
  • improved focus &
  • concentration
  • team building
  • staff well-being
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