In this half-day course taught by Buddhist Nun, Gen Kelsang Dema, we will explore why it seems unfair that bad things can happen to good people,  and yet good things can happen to bad people. 

If we understand the connection between our own actions of body speech and mind, and their effects it will help us to accept problems and suffering in our lives more easily, without feeling punished by them. It will also help us to understand why others have the experiences that they do. 

It will give us great confidence to perform beneficial actions and abandon harmful actions. 

We will also learn how to purify the harmful actions we have performed in the past and remove their seeds from our mental continuum so that we don’t have to experience suffering in the future. 

It is essential to understand Buddha’s teaching on karma if we are to bring about positive change in our future experiences, both in this life and in our future lives. Through training in meditation, we can carefully consider this profound topic and decide for ourself about its relevance to our lives. 

Everyone is welcome to come along in person or online, both those new to Buddhist meditation and those familiar with it.


In person, Online

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Sat 9th October
Half Day Course

Available In-person and Online

Session times:

10-11.15am Teaching and Meditation

11.15-11.45am  Refreshment Break

11.45am-1pm  Teaching and Meditation

With Gen Kelsang Dema

Gen Dema