Wednesday Lunchtime Class

Date | 25th August

Time | 12.30-1pm

Meditation is an individual experience that takes time to learn – it isn’t a quick fix. The benefits of learning to meditate are that we will become more relaxed and feel calmer in our daily life, and our difficulties, frustrations and problems will gradually become easier to solve. With a peaceful mind we will feel happier and more able to help our family, friends and work colleagues. It is very important to be patient when we learn any new skill, including meditation, so that we can enjoy learning without the pressure of unrealistic expectations. Join us for this meditation class in person or online. You will be guided by qualified meditation teachers.

These classes will be based on “Meditation for Relaxation”, “Meditations for a Clear Mind”
and “Meditations for a Kind Heart” (downloads or CDs from

Everyone is welcome to join a class and try it out for themselves.


In person, Online

Wednesday Lunchtime Meditation Class
25 August

Wednesday 25 Aug  12.30 – 1pm

We are happy to welcome you to attend our lunchtime meditation classes in-person or online.

It is recommended that bookings are made for attending in-person.

Classes are taught by qualified Kadampa teachers.

Everyone welcome