The Ultimate Way to Relax | Meditation 3 week course | Online

Time | 7.00-8.30pm

Date | 8 Oct – 22 Oct

Buddha’s teachings on ultimate truth explain clearly how things really exist. He gave these teachings to liberate us from holding onto ourself, others and all things so tightly, and then experiencing suffering and pain when we appear to lose them, or they change. These explanations are very profound, and even just hearing them will cause our mind to relax and lighten up. By listening to, contemplating and meditating on these practical teachings with a good heart our wisdom will gradually increase and we will be able to help others more effectively.

Everyone welcome, no experience necessary.

 Oct 8th | Wk 1   | Understanding the way things really exist

Oct 15th | Wk 2 | Meditation to reduce our self-importance

Oct 22nd | Wk 3 | How to live more freely in the space of emptiness

Thursday Evening Meditation The Ultimate Way to Relax | Online with Gen Dema

The Ultimate Way to Relax | Online 3 week Meditation course with Gen Dema

Everyone welcome