Reshaping our Lives with Gen Dema | Sat Sept 26th

Come join us online for this half day course with resident teacher Gen Dema
Reshaping Our Lives

Sat Sept 26th



Reshaping our Lives with Gen Dema | Sat Sept 26th

Reshaping our Lives  Meditation half day course
Saturday Sept 26th
During this time of global uncertainty and disruption we have a special opportunity to think more deeply about what we are looking for from our lives. We all wish to be happy and to avoid suffering, from a new-born baby to the tiniest insect. We have spent most of our time trying to find happiness and avoid suffering by improving our external conditions, not realising that happiness and suffering are states of mind, and therefore their main causes
must come from our mind. If we wish to increase our happiness and decrease our suffering, we need to learn to transform our mind, by gradually reducing and eliminating negative states of mind and replacing them with positive peaceful states of mind. Only then will we
discover the true source of lasting happiness and real freedom from suffering and be able to help others to find greater peace of mind.
In this short course we will reflect on these home-truths and develop a really strong wish to give more energy to inner development as the real source of lasting happiness and fulfillment. The course will consist of a short Buddhist prayer, a guided breathing meditation, a talk and a concluding guided meditation. It will be led by Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Dema, the resident teacher at Uma KMC.
Everyone is welcome.