So many things these days can make us feel worried, anxious, stressed or fearful. If we allow our worries to dominate us, we can feel unable to relax and enjoy our lives. Unless we find a reliable method to relax and free our mind from excessive worry it will become a habit that seems natural and necessary. 

Meditation is such a method; reliable and practical, it can take the edge off our worry habit and eventually give rise to peace of mind and freedom to ride life’s storms with greater courage and ease. 

Everyone is welcome to come along in person or online, both those new to Buddhist meditation and those familiar with it.


In person, Online

No Worries!
Sat 20th November
Half Day Course

Available In-person and Online

Session times:

10-11.15am Teaching and Meditation

11.15-11.45am  Refreshment Break

11.45am-1pm  Teaching and Meditation

With Gen Kelsang Dema

Gen Dema

Gen Kelsang Dema is the principal teacher at Uma Kadampa Meditation Centre. She is known for her humility, kindness and clear explanations of Buddha’s teachings, giving practical advice from her own experience.