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Living With Change
Saturday 18 September
Half Day Course

With Teacher  Gen Dema

meditation teacher Gen Dema

About the course

Saturday 18th September 10am-1pm

Living With Change

Being able to adapt to changing circumstances peacefully, without stress, is a skill we can learn to develop through meditation. 

Buddha taught that everything is impermanent and therefore changing all the time on so many different levels. If we learn to live with this truth, we will not be so surprised or shocked when things do change or don’t turn out the way we expected. 

By familiarizing ourself with this home truth in meditation, we will protect our mind from expecting it to be other than what it is, and our response will be more flexible towards, and accepting of, change in our lives. 

In this practical half-day course Gen Dema will guide us to a deepening of our understanding of impermanence through teachings and meditations. 

Suitable for everyone, whether experienced, or new to meditation.  

Session Times

10am-11.15  Teaching and meditation

11.15-11.45   Break

11.45-1pm  Teaching and meditation

 Available to attend In-Person  or online