Holiday for the Mind

We are so happy to go on holiday and get away from all our usual problems and difficulties for a while, but do we know how to give our mind a real holiday from its everyday anxieties, depressions, stresses and so on? Can we keep our mind relaxed when we come home from our holidays and we are confronted by our usual problems and difficulties again?

In this half-day workshop we’ll find out how to care for our own mind so that we can bring mental comfort to ourselves and others, not just when we’re just on those “get-away from it all” holidays, but at any time.

Suitable for everyone, beginners and experienced meditators alike.


In person, Online

Holiday for the Mind
Sat 23rd July
Half Day Course

Half Day Course with Dave Stones

Session times:

10 – 11.15am Session 1

11.15 – 11.45am Coffee break

11.45 – 1pm Session 2