Finding out about Buddhism Meditation half day course

Online Meditation course with resident teacher Gen Dema
Sat 10th oct


Everyone welcome


Finding out about Buddhism Meditation half day course

Finding out About Buddhism half day course
Sat 10th Oct
Discover who Buddha was what he taught, what Buddhists believe, why and how they meditate and how they practise Buddhism in their daily lives.
“Although Buddhism is an ancient religion that first appeared in the East, the practices taught by Buddha are timeless and universally applicable. These days, many people are discovering that Buddhism has answers to questions and solutions to problems that cannot be found elsewhere.” (Introduction to Buddhism by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso available from ). This morning course will be taught by Gen Kelsang Dema, Buddhist nun, and resident teacher at Uma Kadampa Meditation Centre in Carlisle. It will begin with a short Buddhist prayer, followed by a guided breathing meditation, a talk, a second guided meditation and time for questions and answers. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of religion, nationality, gender etc.