Our Teachers

Our resident teacher

Gen Dema

Gen Dema is the resident teacher at Uma Kadampa Meditation Centre. She gives clear and practical guidance from her own experience of Buddha’s teachings. Gen Dema teaches the following classes at the centre: General Programme, Foundation Study Programme, Guided Retreats, Day Courses, Special Events as well as branch classes at other venues.

Gen Dema

Mary Cameron Parker

Mary Parker is one of our Foundation Programme students and she teaches Prayers for World Peace most Sundays at Uma Centre. She is much loved for her clear explanations of Buddha’s teachings, her guided meditations as well as her light and joyful manner.

Dave Stones

Dave Stones is a Foundation Programme student and  has been a Kadampa practitioner for many years.  He has a wealth of experience of putting Buddha’s teachings into practice. His humble, warm, practical and engaging style is welcomed at the Penrith branch class.

Val Wilkinson

Val is one of our Foundation Programme students and she teaches the Monday lunchtime meditation class. She is a sincere Buddhist practitioner with a compassionate and wise heart. Her clear and practical meditation advice and guidance is easy and enjoyable to follow.