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Kind Request: please be aware that these sessions are intended for people living within the Carlisle & North & West Cumbria region. If you have a Kadampa Centre closer to you we ask you to please support them instead. In this way all our Centres will still be here to serve their communities when this difficult period comes to an end. Thank you  

Meditation half day course

Resident Teacher Gen Dema

Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully Meditation half day course

Date | Sat 24 April

Teacher | Gen Dema

Time 10am-1pm

Although we long to have fulfilling and meaningful lives, sometimes we become disillusioned, depressed or frustrated because we don’t seem to be able to make our wishes come true. Life seems to take over, and our deepest wishes remain unfulfilled while we deal with unwished for and unforeseen events such as sickness, loss of job, or relationship break- up, or we become side-tracked by other pursuits.  Being unprepared for our death, whenever it arrives, we may be unable to die peacefully and joyfully, but may even die in a state of shock, confusion, sadness or anger.  In this online half-day course, we will look at how living and dying – which we all have to experience – can be transformed into meaningful and joyful experiences simply through listening to wise and penetrating Buddhist contemplations and meditations and putting them into practice ourself. This priceless advice from Buddha’s heart is for everyone, whether Buddhist or not. It will be based on the book Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso,

Lining meaningfully


Online & In Person Classes

Everyone is welcome


       10.00am – 11.15am Session 1

11.15am – 11.45am Break

      11.45am – 1.00pm Session 2

Resident Teacher Gen Dema

meditation teacher Gen Dema

Gen Dema is the resident teacher at Uma Kadampa Meditation Centre. Gen Dema is a very experienced meditator. She gives the students of UMA KMC clear and practical guidance from her own experience of Buddha’s teachings. She is much respected and loved for her kindness.